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Brief description of section: Mental Health Flight (MHF) includes: Mental Health Clinic (MHC), Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT), Behavioral Health Optimization Program (BHOP) and the Family Advocacy Program (FAP).

Types of procedures performed: The Mental Health Flight consists of three elements. The Family Advocacy Program develops, implements, and evaluates programs and policies to prevent and treat domestic abuse and child maltreatment. The Mental Health Element enhances the health and readiness of the community by providing MH assessment, education, consultation, and treatment services to the beneficiary population through a variety of evidence-based therapeutic modalities. The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program promote readiness, health, and wellness through the prevention and treatment of substance misuse and abuse. Our Flight offers a wide range of services to include: counseling, prevention classes/briefings/seminars, medication management for active duty patients via Video-teleconferencing, psychoeducational/therapy groups, and consultation services for commanders, First Sergeants, and supervisors.

Additional information: Mental Health is a voluntary clinic. We offer walk-in services for patients in crisis from 0730-1630. Patients can schedule a Mental Health appointment by calling the appointment line, walking in, or visiting their PCM to get a referral. Active Duty patients can receive medication management via video teleconference (VTC) services. Behavioral Health Optimization Clinic (BHOP) is embedded in the Family Practice Clinic at the medical group. A BHOP provider and can be found at the medical group on Thursday and Friday Mornings from 0800-1100. BHOP provides education-based interventions for patients and refer to specialty care as required. Mental Health providers and technicians are available to provide outreach and prevention briefings at Commander and First Sergeant request.

Contact Us

Location: Building 816


  • 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Walk-in hours: ‚Äč7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Telephone: 580-213-7419

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